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“Real Madrid” forward Vinicius strikes back After being stretched out, dancing like a monkey

On 17 September 65, the movement of the case of Pedro Bravo, president of the Association of Agents of Spain. Has made racist abuse of Vinicius Junior, the Brazilian national team’s striker. “White King” Real Madrid, through a live program on El Chiringuito TV, showed that he behaves like a monkey. From dancing after scoring in the opening game in the 4-1 win over Real Mallorca in the Spanish La Liga battle on Sunday past. because it is seen as disrespectful to competitors

Latest Vinicius The Real Madrid forward Junior has responded to the criticism. And insisted that he would continue to celebrate the goal, saying: “I am the victim of xenophobia and racism from one sentence. It didn’t just happen. But weeks ago they started to catch my dancing. The dances I don’t do alone are Ronaldinho, Neymar, Paqueta, Griezmann, Joao Felix, Mateus Cunha. They are Brazilian funk artists. and sambist They are reggae singers. and black Americans They dance to celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. You should accept it, respect it, and I won’t stop.”

“I come from a country where poverty is very severe. It comes from where people don’t have access to education and, on many occasions, there isn’t even food on the table. I tend not to react publicly when criticized. When I was attacked, I chose to remain silent. when I was praised I was still silent I choose to work hard both on and off the pitch. I try to help children’s education. According to schools that lack funds Because I want them to be prepared to fight racism like me.”

“I try to be professional. and always be a good citizen But it didn’t impress anyone. Not trending on the internet It also encourages all cowards to speak badly. about people they don’t even know Before it ends with “I’m sorry” and “I misunderstood” but I’m repeating it to you guys again. I won’t stop dancing Whether at Zambodromo at the Bernabeu or wherever.”