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Ping-Pong Techniques

Ping-Pong Techniques 2022

Techniques for betting on table tennis in 2022, also known as table tennis It is a game that many Asians like to play for fun and now big companies have adopted the sport of ping pong. for employees to play and relieve stress after work time or during lunch break Or when you can’t think too much, you will be able to relax. don’t need a lot of force And it is also an indoor sport. The table can be folded for companies with a small space. The play will have only 2 sides, where the players on both sides have to hit ping pong balls alternately on the table and the players will have to hit the ball to the table so that the player on the other side can’t hit the ball back because it’s a pattern playing of this sport make players use a little power use a little thought Makes you feel light when playing and not overpowering until it happens, but in the world-class competition, table tennis is still a sport that has audiences who can watch and can turn around at any time, making them feel excited with the players on a score-to-point basis. and also play Super fun too, because in the world-class competition, there will be speed in hitting the ball and many more techniques. this kind of sport Requires a lot of practice. There are 2 types of racket grips, which are normal grip and pen grip, also known as Chinese grip. Table tennis is a sport that is organized as a course. in internal learning The school will also teach in physical education classes.

The sport itself is bound by awakening, buried since childhood and at school, more or less, which some children People who like to have practiced, extended until seized, brought to play and can be used to make a career, but few people know that. the sport of ping pong It’s a sport with a pattern. There are 3 types of competitions: Singles, Pairs, and Teams.

Betting Rules ping pong online

there is a break or terminate the race During the competition Bets are deemed to be waived and not counted immediately.
Betting on ping-pong online, the format that is each set If there is a set that has already ended There will also be a set count.
Betting on ping pong online that has been placed bets already in advance if the competition If a match is abandoned, bets will be waived and will not count.

Online ping-pong betting patterns

Online table tennis betting, moneyline, is a bet. bet on the winning side by stabbing that In the upcoming competition, which side will be the winning side?
Handicap betting is a placement of bets. with a score The odds are kept which will make the player have that advantage must score get more than points that has been put The odds are kept
High-low betting is placing bets on the results of all matches coming together and then knowing whether the result will be high or low that the price that the website has set
Even-odd bets are bets placed on table tennis by bringing the total. All sets from the match come together and see if the result will be even or odd.
Outright betting is placing bets on the outcome of an event in which only 1 winner is found, which side the winner will be.

Odds for table tennis betting online that newbies should know

0,0 has no points, any odds, but this type of odds are quite difficult to see.
1.5 is the side with the rate The odds must be able to win 3 – 0 sets, 3 – 1 sets, but if the connected side can only win 3 – 2 sets, the bet will be lost.
2.5 is the side with the rate The odds must be able to win 3 – 0 sets only in order to win the bet.

Get to know this sport a bit.

The matches are scheduled, each round is 5-7 sets, the player must win 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 7.
In matches, only 11 points will be counted per set.
Players are forbidden Any part of the body is strictly prohibited to touch the table, except the part of the clothes worn, otherwise it will be a foul.
Serving the ball must be served alternately. depending on the item Some will serve 5 balls at a time, some will serve 3 balls at a time.
In the World Championships, all players’ Ranking scores will be collected to collect points to compete in the World Championships.